This is a story I will tell my children, not to teach them about Stranger Danger, but maybe to illustrate that it's okay to trust strangers sometimes? Or that it's okay to make bad life choices as long as you don't die? I'm not sure. (Please don't allow me to have children.)
  1. In my defense: I was running on an hour of sleep, I was hungry, my brain was tired, it was a hot day, and five cabs had already turned me down.
  2. A car stopped on the other side of the street, the driver rolled down his window and asked if I needed a ride.
  3. I walked over and asked him if he was going to kidnap me, and he said he didn't think a kidnapper would straight up say that he was going to kidnap me. I laughed and got in his car.
    Because obviously that is what any rational person should do when a person doesn't directly answer your question.
  4. He said he was an Uber driver and had just dropped someone off. He asked if I had an Uber app and when I said no he just shrugged and asked where I was going.
  5. We were talking about a bunch of stuff during the drive and mid-conversation I realized how sketchy the entire setup was.
  6. So I did what any logical person would do.
  7. I texted my best friend.
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    I know it would be super embarrassing for her if I were murdered and she wouldn't be able to tell the TV people (and the police, I guess) any details about the last moments of my life.
  8. Who reacted accordingly.
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  9. I didn't know the car's plate, as I literally just got in his car. I tried to dodge the question.
  10. She wouldn't let the plate thing go, and was starting to ask questions that should've occurred to me before getting in the car.
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  11. I tried to joke about it so she wouldn't panic, because I was sort of beginning to panic.
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  12. I asked the guy for his plate number, and he gave it to me, saying it was weird that I only thought to ask just then. We laughed awkwardly at my weirdness.
  13. I sent my best friend the plate number and sneaked a photo of the guy, in case anything happened to me. I rationalized that nothing would happen to me, though, because he seemed like a nice, normal guy.
    Then I remembered Ted Bundy seemed like a nice, normal guy who charmed women to walk with him to his van where he kidnapped and murdered them and so I began to panic again.
  14. When he dropped me off at my building I asked him how much I owed him and he said I didn't need to pay. I insisted on paying because it would be weird. Also, I would've felt much worse about suspecting that he was going to murder me if I'd gotten a free ride out of it.
  15. Once I got out of the car, I texted my best friend to let her know I was alive.
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  16. I would like to say that it was a learning experience, but that would be lying.
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