1. Hating on people who hold up iPads to record live concerts
  2. Kimbra
    Technically the first ever concert I went to alone. It was magical. No iPads were raised.
  3. Delayed/crowded trains
  4. Filipino telenovelas, with a Khmer woman in Siem Reap
    She said she watches them online, even if they don't have English subtitles.
  5. Getting stopped at a military checkpoint in a mountain
    It did not register how scary/dangerous the situation was until someone later pointed out how scary/dangerous it was.
  6. An indigenous dance in said mountain
  7. Politics, with cab drivers.
  8. McDonald's, with a cab driver.
    I was really hungry and traffic was terrible, so my cabbie and I detoured through a McDonald's drive through. We split fries and chicken nuggets.
  9. Andrew McMahon
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    I went alone and had to share a table with a bunch of beautiful strangers, who are probably more obsessed with Andrew than I am.