It's ironic because I'm such a nice person.
  1. "Are you sure?"
    This is usually said with a legitimately concerned face. Mostly by adults aged 40 and up.
  2. "I better be careful when I say your name, then."
    Bitch, you better be.
  3. "How do you spell that?"
    It's "bitch" with an "e."
  4. "Elizabeth is such a pretty name! Why shorten it to Betch?"
    There was a brief period in my life when I tried to make people call me by my full first name, but apparently people thought four syllables was too long and would call me random shortened versions, i.e., "Eli," "Liz," "Lizzie," "Beth," and "Betchay." I hated all those names.
  5. "What an unfortunate name for a Filipina."
    This was from a foreign exchange student. I told him that "Betch" meant "goddess" in one of our local dialects.
  6. *sings* "Betcha-by-golly-wow!"