Places that I love to peruse on Google Maps

I love maps. I love Google Maps. I'm especially into tiny towns, isolated places, places in the middle of nowhere. Here are some places that I've recently "visited" on Google Maps. This list inspired by @afullmsy
  1. Kaktovik, Alaska
    I looked up this place after watching the show "The Last Alaskans" on Animal Planet. It's a town of a few hundred people, mostly Inupiat Eskimos. If I visited here, I would see some polar bears and stay at the Waldo Arms Hotel.
  2. Nauru
    I heard about this place after listening to a podcast about it on "This American Life". It's in the middle of nowhere. In the Pacific Ocean. Here is where I would go if I got sick on Nauru.
  3. Dalvik, Iceland
    Driving around the entire country would be a dream trip for me. Seems like a country with lots of craggy, desolate coastline- love it. Maybe one day I'll go to this tiny town and stop here for a snack?
  4. Border towns on the China/North Korean border
    This is endlessly fascinating to me. There are many towns in North Korea that are literally a stone's throw from China. Not that China is a bastion of freedom....but can you imagine looking out your North Korean window across the narrow river to a different world that you aren't allowed to experience?