First being, I dream about them being my BFF/BF and last being I hope you're next to die/I don't even care that you died. 4-11 were tough to put in order.
  1. Christina Yang
    She'll always be my person.
  2. Alex Karev
    Ive long wished he were my dude best friend. I just wish he wasn't dating such a drama queen! Jeez!
  3. Meredith Grey
    I feel like she would find me annoying for a little while and then we'd end up being best friends.
  4. Lexi Grey
    I want her as my sister. She was too cute and I was very sad when they killed her off.
  5. The new hot intern boy that's dating Maggie
    Seriously. He's hot. And sweet. And a good doctor for only being an intern.
  6. Derek Shepherd
    Apparently I wasn't as attached to him as others were, maybe because his last season he was a bit of a jerk and has been in the past but hey. He was a good guy and charming and all.
  7. Owen Hunt
    He's crazy and has his drama but I like the dude. He's a good strong man with interesting teeth. I wish they had him speak with his real accent....
  8. Chief Webber
    Once the chief, always the chief. I'll take him as my wingman any day.
  9. Miranda Bailey
    Ah the Nazi. I will always love her. And I'm glad she has a big role again cuz she was getting pushed back for a little while there.
  10. Callie Torres
    It took until my second run through of the whole series, but I gave in. I like her and her Latina attitude.
  11. Maggie Pierce
    I hated her for the first few episodes but she has definitely grown on me and always makes me laugh. Just so awkward!
  12. Henry Burton
    He was gone wayyyy too soon. Of all the guys that have come and gone on Grey's, he had the greatest personality. In my alternate Greys reality, he lives and goes to medical school and eventually becomes an intern at Seattle Grace.
  13. Mark Sloan
    Oh McSteamy. He provided lots of good comedy and was a good guy underneath all the steam.
  14. Teddy Altman
    She was quirky and sweet, but a tad over dramatic. I'd have her as my doctor any day though!
  15. Stephanie Edwards
    She hasn't given me too much opportunity to really like her as she's always wrapped up in something dramatic or sad, but she seems smart and strong and all.
  16. April Kepner
    I only just started to like her but this drama with Jackson needs to go away for me to truly appreciate how much she's changed. I want to see this new super military awesome woman!
  17. Addison Montgomery
    Never really liked her, but I can't really describe why because her personality ain't bad. She's a strong woman and all. I just....can't...
  18. Jackson Avery
    Drama drama drama. I got over his pretty face a long time ago.
  19. Arizona Robbins
    I want to like her, but I can't forgive her for all the problems she's caused. Maybe if I watch the show a few more times through again...
  20. Preston Burke
    Blegh. Uptight and always trying to change Christina. And he never seemed like THAT good of a surgeon based on what we saw on the show.
  21. Amelia Shepherd
    So much crying and screaming. She also has the ultimate resting b****face. Very representative of who she is if you ask me.
  22. George O'Malley
    He was always emotionally stunted. A 13 year old boy in a 25 year olds body. The more times I rewatch the series the more I hate him.
  23. Jo Wilson
    Stop hating on everyone around you and being such a grumpypuss. There's a reason no one wants to be your friend.
  24. Izzie Stevens
    I could make another list dedicated to why I hate Izzie Stevens. But I've already wasted so much time watching her drama, I don't want to waste time talking about it.