I love learning a new thing, spending all my money on it, obsessing over it for weeks, then moving on and loosing my supplies.
  1. Crochet
    A high school boyfriend taught me to crochet. I made an AWFUL scarf. I relearned years later with the help of my sister. Made two more AWFUL scarves. Quit. I wonder where those needles are...
  2. Watercolor
    Bought super expensive peerless water colors and water pens. Painted pictures of food and Grumpy Cat. Gave up. Still need to frame my Grumpy Cat.
  3. Poetry
    Won some high school contests probably because no one else entered. Put it on my college applications. Never wrote poetry again.
  4. Baking Cupcakes
    At the height of the world cupcake obsession. Became known for making them. Planned on opening a shop. Stopped when I went to college and didn't have an oven or baking supplies.
  5. Gardening
    This hobby comes up every few years. This year my herb garden lasted longest at nearly 2 months over the summer. Maybe in a few years I'll last a whole summer.
  6. Ukulele
    Learned a few songs and had loads of fun but gave up when it became to difficult to learn harder songs because I play it upside-down/backwards because I'm left handed and have a right handed uke.
  7. Golf
    I was on the golf team in high school and wasn't great but I had fun. Josh enjoys golfing so we go occasionally but I have to be in the right mood. It tends to bring out my rage if I'm in a remotely bad mood and I'm not doing well.
  8. Calligraphy
    One Christmas I got mostly calligraphy supplies. I bought an online class that I never took and gave up after only a few tries because it wasn't easy with my style of left-handed writing. Do inks go bad? Cuz my bottles look funny now.
  9. Writing
    My 4th grade teacher told me that one day I'd be a published author. I start writing a novel every few years. Then I give up because I can't stick with anything long enough to finish a few chapters let alone a whole book. I've decided that I'll write a cookbook to become a published author instead.
  10. Pottery
    I made an awesome bank in high school but a kid in my class accidentally broke it. I really liked throwing bowls on a wheel though. Turns out wheels are expensive and you need a space to do it so I haven't picked it back up since high school.
  11. Boxing
    The bag is still hanging up in my garage and I think about starting up again but then I go to the gym (gotta make that membership worthwhile) and I get it out of my system.
  12. Sewing
    I took sewing classes growing up and my mom is an amazing seamstress but I don't have the patience for patterns so I only sew when I find something inspiring at the thrift store that I want to alter.
  13. Cross stitching
    My current hobby. It's not difficult or expensive so it was a perfect fit! I'll probably make a few pieces to hang on my wall before I move on.