1. He will write, record, and produce three albums while you're still working on the first act of your screenplay.
  2. He'll say things like," I want to write a book." And then does it.
  3. Sometimes you go to Paris for the night to hear your favorite band play cause he's friends with them and that's normal.
  4. Other times you're stuck in a shitty jazz bar at 3am listening to music that sounds like: blerg blloop nip tow ding boobaaa blu blek. When others praise him for these sounds, you are left wondering what just happened.
  5. You want every song to be about you. And how much he loves you.
  6. He NEVER slaps his bass.
  7. You secretly enjoy him going on tour because reuniting reminds you how much you love him and you get the bed all to yourself for at least a week.