1. Ketchup on eggs
  2. Melons (especially cantaloupe)
  3. Peaches- people get so passionate about peaches and can't handle that I hate them. They're fuzzy and slimy at the same time. I'll never like them- get over it!!
  4. Hockey
  5. Watching golf
  6. The Matrix- I'm a smart person and I literally do not understand that movie. Worst ever!!
  7. Talking about cars
  8. Fruit in green salads
  9. Deciding what to make for dinner
  10. Newborns- they're cute and smell good, but that's about it. They won't let you sleep, they can't communicate, and require too much gear
  11. Deciding where to eat in a group- "I don't care where we go" then someone suggests somewhere and everyone says "ewwww gross"
  12. Bad grammar
  13. Sleeping with socks on
  14. Humidity