1. Plant a garden
    Both flower and vegetable
  2. See Incubus live at Red Rocks in Colorado
  3. Take a couples yoga class
  4. Camp in the Rockies
    Tent sex- definitely
  5. Invent a best friend handshake
  6. Take a Bird Watching Vacation
  7. Go to a live album recording of David Ramirez
  8. Go apple picking in upstate New York
  9. Roller blade in the sunshine
  10. Take a long hike to an amazing view
    Have a beer at the top
  11. Dance in the cool rain
  12. Kiss underneath the Northern Lights
  13. Love each other so completely, it creates a new life
  14. Go to an exotic place together
  15. Have a bad ass karaoke night
  16. Go to Tao Cafe and have a boba tea
  17. Skinny dip in the moonlight
  18. Buy a home together