This will probably be a running list because it's really hard to come up with all of them in one go.
  1. harbinger: something or someone that shows what is to come
    This word gives me the shivers.
  2. ameliorate: to make something better, less painful
    Sometimes it's the best you can do.
  3. brumous: foggy, misty
    Like Brigadoon
  4. desolate
    You're probably starting to notice my gothic sensibilities.
  5. moribund
    It's friends with desolate.
  6. 정 "jung"
    It's really hard to explain. Watch the video in this link if you want to hear it explained.
  7. soliloquy
    It's not the meaning that matters, but the hard lesson it taught me when I was twelve. The story involves a boy, a spelling bee, and the moment I realized that I was a feminist.
  8. pugnacious