1. goose allergy
    A friend said she was allergic to geese and it sounded like a bullshit sort of allergy. I stand corrected.
  2. bronchitis
    My kid has bronchitis.
  3. French church New York City 1700
    Searching for the name of the church that an ancestor attended. Hoping to find a burial record.
  4. Sydney Olympic swimmer who dog paddled
    Someone asked about things that make you cry and this the first example that my brain came up with. His name is Eric Moussambani
  5. Northern Germany folk tales
    Doing some discovery for a book I'm hoping to write
  6. Krill oil side effects
    I had some side effects.
  7. A Song of Ice and Fire meme
    I'm a sucker for a nerdy meme.
  8. Hot toddy recipe
    I can never remember the recipe I use. Probably because when I make hot toddies I am sick and shortly thereafter, drunk.