1. Realized just how many books I was about to buy
  2. Culled books I felt I could live without for a little while
    Cut it down to ten.
  3. Looked at the unread books still on my shelves
    They're not being ignored. They're ripening. When the reader is ready, the book appears.
  4. Listened to a bookish podcast or three
    *side eyes All the Books, Get Booked, and @bookriot *
  5. Added more books to the cart
    That made fifteen.
  6. Felt momentary guilt about how much I was spending on books
    I live in Seoul. I don't have decent English language public library access. I miss my local library.
  7. Contemplated my mortality
    I regret that I have but one life to read all of the books in my TBR.
  8. Carpe librum!