1. Do I have to turn the heat on?
  2. I can wait to turn the heat on, it's going to be 70 tomorrow.
  3. To wear a jacket or not to wear...that is the real question Billy Shakespeare
  4. Where are my winter clothes?
  5. Will any of these clothes fit?!
  6. I should use the time inside this season to get fit...
  7. I'm gonna be so fit come April💪
  8. Oh wait, how many holidays with food are coming up? 🎃🎅🎄
  9. Hahhaha just kidding nvm 🍗🍰🎂
  10. Wait why can't I feel my nose even though I'm in my apartment? #oldwindows
  11. SWEATERS 😍
  12. Closed toed shoes 😑
  13. Fall shows! 😍
  14. Ice 😨
  15. How bad is global warming going to make this winter? ❄️
  16. I really think I need to turn the heat on now....🙊
  17. Oh look-75 and sunny...so glad I layered this morning! 😅