1. Stanton Street Pizza
    TheFungBros YouTube channel suggested it...brushchetta Pizza all the way. Unless there's chicken and broccoli parm
  2. Doughnut Plant
    A LOT of times. A lot. Get the banana pecan ring donut
  3. The Met Café
    Because we couldn't be bothered to walk much further to get food
  4. Crepe food truck in Central Park
    Gave me the wrong thing and overcharged. I'm British so I said thank you and moaned to my husband instead
  5. Whole Foods
    We ate here a lot too. Ridiculously expensive but when you're on holiday, it feels justifiable
  6. Kossar's Bialys Bagels
    Another FungBros recommendation. A proper bagel is obvs a billion times better than any other bagel. And right next door to Doughnut Plant. Two birds, one stone
  7. Di Fara's - Brooklyn
    Best pizza in the world. Completely worth the wait. Probably best to get 1 slice instead of a whole pie just because of the wait. Get a standard slice and also a sicilian 😍😍😍
  8. Shake Shack
    I didn't eat here after the amount or calories in the milkshakes. Husband did, and he thought it was great, but buttered bread with the burger was too much
  9. Jacques Torres
    Great hot chocolate and amazing cookies!
  10. Union Square Green Market
    Ate the arancini. Nice and not too expensive
  11. Raclette
    After deciding we needed something other than bread and cheese we decided to go to Raclette. A place where they pour cheese from a huge roll onto your bread. Much different but SO good
  12. Clinton St Bakery
    Another great breakfast option. We had blueberry pancakes and pecan French toast. So nice but we did walk around feeling sick for the rest of the morning. Portion control is advised
  13. Rosella's Pizzeria
    Nice pizza after the statue of liberty. But unfortunately, everything feels slightly unmemorable after Di Fara's
  14. Dominique Ansel Bakery
    Went in for a cronut at 2.30pm. Bad move. They're usually sold out by 7am! Instead I had a raspberry and lychee macaron. Very nice also
  15. Golden Dragon Chinese
    New York Chinese is good food.
  16. Chick Fil A
    Best customer service in the world. Walter (I wish I knew his second name) was lovely to us. And the chicken nuggets were gooood
  17. Doughnuttery
    Yummy, light but super expensive
  18. Joe's Pizza
    We went in cause it was recommended, and it's pretty packed when we got there! I wanted to see Leonardo Di Caprio (one of his favourite pizza spots) and my husband wanted to eat there pizza. Very difficult to eat as it was suuuuper greasy. Very tasty, but I don't want to br aware of how much fat I'm eating when eating pizza
  19. Levain Bakery
    I'm still mourning the loss of these cookies. The best cookies in the world. I almost cried when I ate one...well, not really. Double chocolate is the way to go. There banana bread is good too