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I used to be on here all the time. 🙂Is there no option to re-list something you like now?!
  1. Hello, my name is Beth and it's pretty apparent I don't remember how to use li.st 😏
  2. Consider this my apology
  3. And a promise to return to a list format if someone could kindly answer my question
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And spent an hour with the wonderful eighty-seven-year-old man who created it.
  1. Tom Hendrix wanted to honor his great-great grandmother, a Yuchi Indian who was forced to walk the Trail of Tears to modern day Oklahoma.
  2. But she was the only one of tens of thousands to escape and return to her Alabama home...to return to *any* home.
    She walked for FIVE YEARS.
  3. Tom has spent thirty-five years building a wall of millions of pounds of Tennessee River rocks to honor her and her journey.
    It's enormous and beautiful and emotionally overwhelming. This is just a tiny piece of it.
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  1. For much of my life I regarded her as a caricature, a bewigged and brainless buxom gimmick who giggled too much—country's Mae West.
    But no. I was so wrong.
  2. Dolly Parton is not only a spectacularly talented songwriter, her voice is a crystal Tennessee mountain stream on an August day.
    Just in case you are the one person who doesn't know: she wrote the heart aching I Will Always Love You (and many more songs made famous by others). I love to hear her sing anything. And I should note I'm not generally a country music fan.
  3. She should release an album of contemporary pop covers, produced by Pharrell.
    I shall award the Grammy right here, in advance.
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  1. Book: well, mine, duh.
    But if not mine, then A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving
  2. Tropic Thunder
    Brilliantly funny—Robert Downy, Jr. and Tom Cruise especially
  3. Graceland by Paul Simon
    Simon's songwriting at its best and Ladysmith Black Mambazo combine to make this a true classic.
Not that I'm going anywhere. I'm not. But if I were, I would hereby bequeath:
  1. The keys to Macy's to Jo-Anne Fabrics, @joannfabrics
    So you could do for them what you've done for Jo-Anne Fabrics, which is actually make me want to set foot in the place after ten years.
  2. Twenty pounds of bacon to Pete Moore, @PeteOnEarth
    Because everyone knows the antidote to sadness in a white dude is bacon
  3. A personal entomologist to C Couture, @marginally_amazing
    Wasps obliterated and prevented from creating Wasptropolis in your bathroom forever
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Thank you for the request, Delaney! Obviously, I love your name.
  1. Delaney's People has its roots in a short story I wrote about a toddler girl and her great-grandmother bonding over the old lady's jewelry collection. Margaret relives a memory attached to each piece as Delaney plays with it, pats it, marvels at its sparkle...
    It's very sweet and was inspired by my own daughter's relationship with her grandmother, who has an amazing vintage jewelry collection. My daughter's name is not Delaney, by the way, though she's been known to introduce herself that way at book signings. 😉
  2. That story won a national contest. I felt all author-y and immediately wrote a VERY different story about a deranged plastic surgeon.
    And my daughter read it and challenged me to find a way to tie the two stories together. Challenge accepted. And since I'm not a plastic surgeon, deranged or otherwise, much time was devoted to exploring the intricacies of blepharoplasty. Because he's trying to recreate...better not spoil it.
  3. Delaney's People became the eventual title, because the book comprises twenty-one interrelated short stories that weave together to tell how precious, adorable Delaney came to be. Her ancestors, like my own, came from Ireland—so a great deal of my research was traveling through Ireland and studying its history.
    Her parents, grandparents, and earlier ancestors are featured in their own stories of love and murder and other human travails—all the way back to 19th century County Carlow.
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It was staring me in the face in my right eye like a Cyclops the whole time.
  1. People on li.st are writers!
  2. They know how to express themselves.
  3. They know bigger-than-usual words and use them.
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  1. 5.
    Hunter Appler
  2. 4.
    Brandon Powell
  3. 3.
    Brad Rutter
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  1. 1.
    And I'm sure she'll explain that name to anyone upon request...it isn't what you think!