WARNING: Spoilers!
  1. So, if Stephen King and Steven Spielberg had a tv baby, this would be it.
    So frickin' good.
  2. Why is El called Eleven? Did they have ten experiments before her?
  3. Is it possible for Winona Ryder to explode from overacting? If it is, she's gone.
  4. Why did Hop leave Eggos in that box? Is El alive and in Upside Down? But she comes to that snowy box for food?
    So confused.
  5. Dustin is everything.
    I adore this kid.
  6. Finally, a true teenager portrayal.
  7. Finally, a true teenage bff frumpnerd.
  8. Excellent Eighties vibe, especially the opening credits. Nostalgia x 10!