Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. People on soapboxes
    Pedants, condescenders, anyone who tries to force their point of view
  2. Any snake of any size anywhere at any time
    I should travel with a personal mongoose. And I can't even stand to post a picture.
  3. Harry Potter
    It was fun for the first ten thousand words.
  4. Rudeness
    Born and raised in The South, where some consider rudeness a felony. Politeness rules, and I have a casserole reflex when someone is struggling.
  5. Orange.
    The color *and* the fruit. Acceptable if followed by Is The New Black or in a sunset.
  6. Avocados, okra, and other slimy foods
    I have a texture thing. Just, ewww.
  7. Heat and humidity
    I'll just lie down here until November.
  8. Audiobooks
    Can't. Same for talk radio.
  9. The vast majority of video games because I'm ridiculously uncoordinated
    But I can wield a damn Pokeball.
  10. Not having the last word.
    Here is the last word.