The craziest weather experience I have ever been a part of...

Finally, someone asks!
  1. Several years ago I was sitting on the back porch of our country home in Alabama, enjoying a slight breeze and watching a light rain fall on the garden.
  2. There's a huge sycamore tree about twenty feet from the (covered) porch. At this time, it had a lightning rod planted along its length.
    My husband thought this was a good idea.
  3. In the space of about one millisecond, my eyes could see nothing but bright red-orange. My first thought was that an atomic bomb had been dropped in the back yard.
    Yeah, that's ridiculous. First thoughts can be a bit off in the grip of stunned shock.
  4. I felt weirdly tingly and I couldn't hear. I stumbled into the house to find my husband.
    Lightning rod guy.
  5. Turns out, lightning had struck the rod, and a branch/ribbon/streak/whatever you want to call it had traveled directly in front of me to also strike a metal pole on the far left of the porch...
  6. ...which then continued into the basement level under the porch and traveled through steel in the concrete to...
  7. ...explode through the opposite end of the porch floor, shattering concrete and glass from a nearby window all over the ground.
  8. There was no warning whatsoever.
  9. The lightning rod is long gone.
    I kept lightning rod guy.
  10. I stay in when it's raining now. I'm not about that life.