I was at the airport for 10 hours and never left Mpls. In many ways, it was frustrating. In lots of other ways, it was great fun and just plain nice.
  1. From now on when I feel like talking to people, I will just wear my new North Stars sweatshirt out in public. It started at least five conversations yesterday. We Minnesotans loved and truly miss our North Stars. Special mention to the bartender who served me lunch: she had a similar affection for those players and years. And called me 'hon'.
  2. The girl who was heading to Costa Rica with her be-dreaded friend, was nervous in the security line and dropped her empty water bottle. Very sweet and excited to be heading out of town.
  3. The woman in the airport bookstore who didn’t look like she’d be very helpful but surprised me when she helped another person looking. I was eavesdropping and her knowledge was plentiful. Don’t judge a book. And her coworker who had an extensive conversation with me about David Foster Wallace and the challenges and rewards therein.
  4. Annie, the flight attendant who was traveling to Colorado Springs via Denver. She disappeared from our gate about ¾ of the way through the ordeal. She and I had a conversation about air travel and the different airlines and who she preferred. I have new respect for Delta based on her remarks and was more understanding of United’s dilemma also.
  5. The woman who was walking the length of the concourse over and over while we waited. I followed her smarty pants to a different gate and we asked that gate attendant (instead of waiting in the hours long line at ours) what could be done. He got her on a flight out, which was then booked solid so didn’t help me at all. Oh well.
  6. Sonny, who watched my luggage and I watched his, as we made phone calls, walked to the desk to hear what was going on, went to get snacks, etc. He was meeting a bunch of friends in Denver to see the NHL outdoor hockey game this weekend. He was flying standby. I wonder if I’ll run into him again today.
  7. Shelley, who came to see me! She’s a high school friend, who is now a flight attendant herself. She brought me some provisions and gave me hugs and smiles. Very nice of her to be so thoughtful.
  8. The man who reminded me that Chicago was not a good connection at this time (snow, snow, snow) and that I should request another airline cuz if I attempted that this morning, it probably wouldn’t work and I’d be stuck again. I changed my flight immediately and feel confident (fingers crossed and knock on wood) that I’ll get out of here today.