October 4 in Chicago: a climate adventure

  1. Breeze so cool in the morning that I instructed kids to wear hoodies
  2. Skies so gray and air so dense at 10 AM that I grabbed an umbrella on my way out the door
  3. Sun so bright at 11 AM that my eyes watered during an outdoor conversation with a friend
  4. Temps so warm after lunch that I shed a layer and went sleeveless for a business meeting
  5. BO so pungent that it overwhelmed my senses at middle school pickup (air conditioning must shut off in September)
  6. Climate so perfect at dinner time that I considered outdoor seating
  7. Air so crisp at 8 PM that I closed the front door and put on socks
  8. Overnight forecast so moderate that I can't predict if my husband will welcome or withhold snuggling