Smells so good

My husband recently lamented the loss of a list he wrote (on paper, the old-fashioned way) years ago: an inventory of favorite smells. I remember him reading the list to me when we were dating. I learned so much about his sensibilities and memories. So beautiful. My list isn't nearly the same as his. Will this inspire him to rewrite that list?
  1. Bacon frying
  2. Freshly washed child
    hair still damp, body all cozy in clean PJs
  3. Leaves burning in the fall
    best just as I open the door (car or house) and catch the scent
  4. Bread, just out of the oven
    best at home, but almost as good at a bakery or restaurant
  5. A field of mown hay
    allergies be damned, it smells so good
  6. Neighborhood fireplaces ablaze
    especially on Christmas Day, when everyone seems to stoke the fires at once
  7. New leather
    boots or belt or bomber jacket
  8. Rubber cement
    the scent of so many past creative projects
  9. Crisp, clean sheets
    nothing like inhaling deeply while I slide between cool sheets that are stretched tight across the mattress and still fragrant from a dryer sheet that might actually be in the bed, clinging somewhere to the cotton fabric
  10. Pot roast in the oven
    or crockpot, in a pinch
  11. Grating fresh ginger
    how such a tiny amount of beige fiber can produce such aroma—mind-boggling
  12. Chopping cilantro
    nearly any fresh herb is delightful (basil, rosemary, thyme), but cilantro smells so ... green!
  13. Newly sawn wood
    in a workshop or a forest—either brings such comfort