The cons and pros of a vacation that's come to an end

  1. Con: the sun will come up tomorrow, and my view will include neither mountains nor sea
  2. Pro: we landed after dark, so I can't see the dull surroundings of our midwestern suburb
  3. Con: because my husband and I traveled together, we're heading home to an empty house—and an empty fridge
  4. Pro: because the love of my life came with me, we get to navigate re-entry together
  5. Con: the return to daily parenting won't be as peaceful as wandering through forests and strolling along beaches
  6. Pro: our children may actually be glad to see us
  7. Con: the cats never left this time zone and won't be sensitive to our wishes for extra sleep in the morning
  8. Pro: the cats might be extra cuddly after a week of relative neglect
  9. Con: our colleagues will expect more from us than pretty pictures and amusing anecdotes
  10. Pro: we have great photos to show and stories to share, as long as our colleagues are interested
  11. Con: I'll spend all of Monday chipping away at my business email box, only to have it fill up again as clients and collaborators realize I've returned
  12. Pro: my automatic out-of-office message is set to stay on through Monday morning at 8:00—so I'm giving myself permission to ignore email until then
  13. Con: our next week-long adventure probably won't happen for another year
  14. Pro: we are already talking about that next trip ... and meanwhile, I need only close my eyes and take a deep breath to bring back a bit of the bliss of this past week