1. Bread
    as often as possible with family, because mealtimes are some of our best together times
  2. A leg
    figuratively, several times in very amateur performances
  3. A foot
    literally, merely walking up the stairs a few years ago
  4. Wind
    everybody does it
  5. News
    both good and bad—and not just to family and friends, but to colleagues and strangers in my career as corporate communicator
  6. Rules
    many, many times
  7. Out
    a few time in hives, more times with acne
  8. Down
    usually in private, but occasionally in an all-too-public way
  9. Ice
    typically with a compliment, a friendly question, or a little self-deprecating humor
  10. Up
    even though it was hard to do
  11. Hearts
    two or three, I'm afraid
  12. A few promises
    not many, but some doozies (see also: up, hearts)
  13. Through
    every now and then, with creative ideas that actually work!
  14. Giphy