List 6 for #CreativeSprint. Prompt: Deliver a message in an unusual way. I must be feeling a little blue, and missing my mom.
  1. Dear Mom,
  2. I almost called you on the phone today,
  3. to ask about roasting chicken
  4. and curing hiccups
  5. and growing flowers in the shade.
  6. I wanted to talk about my bunion
  7. and the book I've almost finished
  8. and the friendships I can't fake.
  9. I wondered if you ate sushi
  10. or went to rodeos and concerts
  11. or ran barefoot in the rain.
  12. I started tapping out your number, Mom.
  13. But I stopped myself again
  14. and added to an eternal list
  15. of things I'd like to say.
  16. Static