It's sad when the amber liquid is gone. But all is not lost. Here are ideas for using those vacant bottles (#CreativeSprint List 8, thanks to collaborative fun with the Bargs).
  1. Stuff a string of lights in there and call it decor.
  2. Jam a taper in the top and use it as a candle holder.
  3. Fill it with soap, equip it with a pump, and try to make hand washing cool again.
  4. Deposit a few marbles and liquid to invent an "anger bottle" for moments of frustration.
  5. Insert chewed gum every time you grow weary of chewing, making a colorful, sticky mass in glass.
  6. Blow across the lip, making an instrument or low-pitched self-defense whistle.
  7. Poke flowers in the neck to welcome your next unsuspecting guests.
  8. Drop coins in it, saving for your next overpriced bottle of hooch.
  9. Static