My upbringing, education, and inner purpose compel me to write. To find clear words for complicated moments. Clients pay me premium fees for my word-finding skills. But this week I am at a loss. In my ineloquent hours this week, I have sought words from other writers. These writers. They helped. A little.
  1. Gloria Steinem
    When I woke up Wednesday morning, she was my waking thought. Her words came a couple days later. I thank God they came at all.
  2. Dan Rather
    I studied journalism. Objective reporting. Investigation. Good questions. Measured observation. He is one who still practices this art. I love his presence on Facebook.
  3. David Remnick
    How on earth did he compose this in the wee hours of Wednesday? While he was writing and editing and publishing, I was crying into my pillow, trying not to wake my exhausted, despondent husband. Meanwhile, David was tapping away at his laptop. Articulate. Reasoned. Forceful.
  4. Hillary Clinton
  5. Bernie Sanders
    I wondered: What would he say? This man who had the unwavering support of my millennial sons (and my own admiration, too). I don't need his direction, but I do crave his perspective.
  6. Aaron Sorkin
    His open letter to his daughter and wife caught my attention immediately. I'm so relieved that his words were first responders to my flaming heartache.
  7. Jill Pollack
    She's my business partner. She's also a fierce writer and thinker. She has ideas about what we do next. I'm glad.
  8. Garry Trudeau
    He recorded this interview with Terry Gross before the election, and I heard it several days after. I laughed out loud at the notion of Trump haiku. And I needed that laugh.
  9. Elizabeth Warren
    She's got next, as far as I can see right now. I respect her. So clear and convinced in her message. If only every legislator talked so plainly ...
  10. Robert Reich
    His analysis is always so practical ... and yet emotional at the same time. It's not just data. It's purpose.
  11. Personal friends who speak their minds, gracefully and eloquently
    I'm especially grateful for the words of Tom Barg and Whitney Fleming. They're thoughtful people who can really tell it. They help me.