Some standouts
  1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
    In literally every thing he was in. I'd still love a JTT comeback
  2. Mike Seaver
    What a charmer! I could not wait to get home from school to watch Growing Pains reruns. And then Kirk Cameron had to go all coo coo ca choo
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio
    ROMEO. But first as the scrappy abandoned teen on Growing Pains. Confession: haven't watched titanic all the way through 😶
  4. Joshua Jackson in Mighty Ducks
    An at risk unibrow, you say? Team Captain, I say! Swoon.
  5. The Jet in The Sandlot
    Honestly, no explanation necessary
  6. Jeremy Sumpter in Peter Pan
    My first experience with jealousy-- legit hated Wendy's guts.