1. My brother came up to me recently asking about my face wash
    "On the sink, it's like yellow"
  2. "My hair serum?"
  3. He washed his face with my hair serum
    "Ok cause I woke up this morning and my face was so oily" yeah, you literally just rubbed oil all over your face
  4. "It was late and dark and I don't know I wasn't paying attention"
    Ok so like he's careless and lacks simple observation skills. Noted
  5. So I'm brushing my teeth the other day and find myself staring at the other toothbrush
    It's teal. Mine is blue
  6. And the wheels start turning
  7. I can hear him asking a while ago "is mine blue?"
    "Um kind of. It's teal "
  8. I continue to stare at the toothbrush. I continue to brush my own teeth
    I continue to think
  9. So my brother, who couldn't figure out that he was washing his face with straight up oil
  10. My brother, who's careless and lacks simple observation skills
    Might not think twice about distinguishing between blue and teal..
  11. Did he even listen?
    Better yet does he even give a shit? Because regardless his teeth are clean and minty fresh??
  12. Dammit
  13. No. He must know
    Like, he knows
  14. Right?
  15. So basically I have this sort of paranoid inner debate every time I brush my teeth now
    .. Keeps brushing teeth