Ok strangers. Can we all just make a silent pact and collectively agree to never use these captions, or their variations, ever again? Great.
  1. DysFUNctional
    You know, that typical 'goofy' group shot-- literally you're all making a duck face, or drunk, or both, regardless you're beyond fitting your social norm. ***Also includes: "We put the 'fun' in dysfunctional" (when they really want to spell it out) or "Dysfunctional but I love them" (because duh, people need to know you guys are friends first)***
  2. W A N D E R L U S T
    A caption ruined by white girls studying abroad. ***And on that note, enough with the spaces between letters. Please.
  3. I swear we like each other
    Usually a picture of you and your best friend/significant o looking all mad or uninterested in each other -- oh man, you could have fooled us!
  4. Sunday funday, Saturdaze, Up on a Tuesday, etc.
    I don't care what day it is, these are overused and lazy. Come on, people.