1. Bets
    Everybody. Anybody
  2. B
    Handful of friends
  3. Betty
    My dad
  4. Betty spaghetti
    Only my dad
  5. Boo
    Like three randos
  6. Wetzel
    Literally, my friend Lauren. It evolved in inexplicable ways that only makes sense to her. Omg I miss that weirdo
  7. Betsey-Anna
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    When I was a like 6 we were vacationing in Palm Springs and a family we met there misheard my name and called me Betsey-Anna the whole week. I didn't correct them. I even have a bracelet I made from the trip that says 'bets-anna' because I was making bracelets with their daughter and realized I had to keep the ruse up. My mom still calls my Betsey-Anna every once in while. Especially when writing me letters. BUT HONESTLY WHO WOULD NAME THEIR KID THAT