1. A family friend asks you to check on their dogs while they're gone for the day and you happily agree cause who wouldn't want to hang with cute puppies
  2. And then you get there and there are instructions on how to deal with the lady dog who's in heat
  3. And then you realize that 'in heat' means she's having her period
  4. And then you find yourself wrestling her on the ground to get her doggie undies off
  5. And then you find out that girl dogs also use Kotex pads
  6. And then you find out that dog periods last 3 weeks and you feel for the dog
  7. And then then you let her run free and play and pee before she's strapped back into her lady duties
  8. And then you realize you need to get the doggie undies back on the dog
  9. And then you find yourself back on the ground wrestling a dog and trying to grab her tail to get it through the little tail hole of her new pink undies
  10. And then you finally Velcro them on and she looks at you like this
  11. And you give her more dog bones because she probably feels slightly violated
  12. And then you help yourself to the Oreos on the counter because you feel slightly violated
  13. And you just sit there quietly traumatized for three minutes
  14. You know?
    No? Just me?