If I've learned anything in therapy, it's the power of being acknowledged. So good job, me!
  1. For buying an alarm clock to replace my iPhone
    Cannot sing the praises enough of how much better going to sleep and waking up are without a smartphone within arm's reach.
  2. For flossing this morning.
    That means I'm set to block cavities for the rest of the year, right?
  3. For saying what I mean.
    Life-changing when you make a concerted effort to be direct. What's the worst that will happen?
  4. For inviting an old flame to join Listapp
    He'll be really good at it. He used to send me the funniest lists about Presidents and puns and Drake, and they always made me laugh... and turned me on because who doesn't like sleeping with someone who's smart, funny, and attractive? You're welcome, people of Listapp!
  5. For reading Nelson Mandela's "Long Walk To Freedom"
    Man, that book was long! But so glad I understood what made him the otherworldly gift to humanity he was and more nuance to the struggle of South Africa before stepping foot on its soil.🇿🇦