So I like to feel feelings, sue me.
  1. And I thought I was the only one left / From an old southern town / New ideas bouncing 'round in my head / And I thought everyone like me was dead
    Jason Isbell - To A Band That I Loved -
  2. Fuck all the nostalgia / and everything we’re scared of / And I will still be with you / when we find a new love
    The Echo Friendly - Fuck It And Whatever -
  3. It's funny that the first chords that you come to / Are the minor notes that come to serenade you
    Laura Marling - Rambling Man -
  4. And my face turned too red from drinking all that dead water / And again when you said that I was my mother's daughter
    Wet - Deadwater -
  5. But if you loved me / Why'd you leave me? / Take my body / Take my body
    Kodaline - All I Want -
  6. Steam from the cup and snow on the path / The seasons have changed from present to past
    Feist - The Park -
  7. A man needs something he can hold on to / A nine pound hammer or a woman like you / Either one of them things will do
    Ray LaMontagne - Jolene -
  8. I've forgotten you just like I should / Of course I have / Except to hear your name / Or someone's laugh that is the same / But I've forgotten you just like I should
    Chet Baker - I Get Along Without You Very Well -