I am the music I've consumed.
  1. Album Purchased
    Ace Of Base, The Sign. I remember describing it as "Gameboy meets reggae" which is kind of genius if you think about it
  2. Concert
    First I remember attending: New Kids On The Block, 1989. // First I was excited to attend: Mariah Carey, 1994. // First I bought tickets to attend: Bush + Veruca Salt, 1997. // First I schemed to attend: O.A.R. + @john Mayer, 2001. // First attended for work: AC/DC, 2008.
  3. Time I Saw Beyoncé
    My first desk at Columbia was by the women's restroom. Bey's bodyguard stood outside the door whilst she relieved herself. She never came out... someone should go check on her.
  4. Song Attached To Feelings Of Love
    "Let's Hear It For The Boy" by Denice Williams. My 1st grade crush, Chris Driscoll, pointed out that someone in our class needed help. Later that day in gym class, we jumped rope to the song and I thought he was a hero.
  5. Album Purchase I Immediately Regretted
    "Harlem World," Ma$e. I bought the clean version by mistake.
  6. Song I Taught Myself To Play On The Piano
    "Music Of The Night," Phantom Of The Opera. Still gets all the dudes.
  7. Album Credit
    Harry Connick, Jr.'s "What A Night! A Christmas Album." Dream big, kids.
  8. Karaoke Performance
    "You Make My Dreams Come True," Hall & Oates. Surprisingly difficult and not the crowd pleaser I expected.
  9. Soundtrack To A Kiss
    "Swallowed," Bush. I was in love with Gavin Rossdale and insisted this song soundtrack my first real kiss (at a Super Bowl party in my basement, no less). I did not at all comprehend the double entendre as a 12 year old.
  10. Song I Taught Myself To Play On The Guitar
    "The Space Between," Dave Matthews Band. I can't explain this one except that I was a devout DMB fangirl and the tabs were manageable.