Feel free to volunteer yourself for consideration on this list, fellas.
  1. "AJ"
    Guitarist for a buzzy musician. Wore a bolo tie which reminded me too much of my late Great Uncle Buck, the family genealogist who traveled the country in an RV and was as eccentric as you imagine.
  2. "SW"
    Improv actor and comedy writer who was alarmingly serious on the date. Not like I wanted him to sit there and tell jokes all night, but I thought for sure we'd laugh! Not really... made out with him anyways.
  3. "TM"
    Commercial producer. Has 2 cats. Don't get me wrong, I love cats... I have a cat! But owning 2 cats and telling me you got them with your ex-girlfriend is a lot to take in on a first date. And then telling me about your cats' pooping habits on the second? Oy.
  4. "DM"
    His name sounds like an Irish pub you'd find in Disney World. While I'm really trying to be present, couldn't help but already predict I'd keep my maiden name if we got married.
  5. "CG"
    Has the same first name as my brother. I guess you don't often say your date's name aloud in conversation, but I did on date #2 and it was so uncomfortable imagining saying it in a more intimate context that I called off date #3. Hard and fast rule that I can't date anyone named Craig now.