Maybe it's the runner's high and 1 glass of wine talking, BUT...
  1. I thought it was Wednesday all day.
    As a result, I thought I ran 2 days ago and forced myself out the door again as soon as I got home tonight. Instead, I ran two days back to back which is unusual and an exciting accomplishment for me! 💪🏼
  2. Epsom salt baths
    I'm writing this list from an epsom salt bath, my first epsom salt bath, actually. Umm p'excuse me this stuff is amazing!
  3. HAIM
    Just picked up a new assignment at work: the fabulous HAIM sisters. Excited to see where this collab will lead and curious how soon is too soon to ask if I can join the band. Also super stoked to say, "HAIM with the band," and try to get them to join Listapp!