Travelling on a budget pre-Trip Advisor
  1. The cheapo motel in Jackson Hole which seemed great until the 2nd afternoon when I found an entire yellowed toenail (not my own) kind of stuck to the bedspread. 😷
  2. The backpackers hostel in the australian middle of nowhere where the mentally deranged old woman sleeping in the bunk above mine spent the whole night loudly wanking and cackling to herself 😳
  3. The Vegas motel whose sign said "Elvis stayed here" where the owners kept calling our room to invite us to "come party". Later the police showed up in force and arrested everyone. 😮
  4. The bargain hotel in downtown Chicago which was actually some kind of halfway house. The lift was manually operated by a guy that hissed abuse at us every time we got in. I woke up in the night and there were cockroaches everywhere. ☹️
  5. The backpackers hostel in NYC where a random hairy Australian got into my bed "by accident" 😖
  6. The Glasgow hostel where the fire alarm went off at 3am and all the incredibly drunk guests including my roller derby team had to shiver outside in the winter cold until it was fixed ❄️