Bust out the most impressive facts about yourself
  1. My friend Brooke has a part in Dirty Dancing
    In the opening scene, they have a shot of a lot of feet dancing. Her feet are in there! So exciting bc it's literally my fave film
  2. My parents live next door to a famous 90s indie band singer
    I used to have such a crush on him and still turn into a bit of a gibbering idiot when our paths cross.
  3. Chris eubank once ostentatiously shared my table at starbucks
    I live in brighton. Everyone here has a Chris Eubank story
  4. I once had lunch with Bradley Whitford.
    I know, I know, I've mentioned it once or twice before, but I'll be - wait for it - dining out on that one for years.
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire
  5. I wrote to President Clinton as a kid
    I received a standard form letter and a picture of him with Socks the cat on the White House lawn
    Suggested by   @introvertedbookworm
  6. Kim Gordon played my magazine release party. Violet Clark and I photobombed fan photos of her husband after a Pixies show.
    Suggested by   @elizabeef
  7. I met Kurt Vonnegut when he was in Indianapolis giving a lecture.
    I was 15. He was surly and I was thrilled.
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  8. I walked the orange carpet at the Kid's Choice Awards
    Suggested by   @drugs
  9. I graduated from the same high school as Jimmy Fallon
    Suggested by   @emilypeterson
  10. My high school choir (alto!) sang back-up for Barry Manilow on 4 dates of his "One Voice" tour.
    Suggested by   @TheSingingHon
  11. I'll be appearing in an episode of a reality show in April
    For privacy reasons, I can't say which one yet but this show filmed at my job and I made it on and was mic'd up and everything. It was fascinating to see how terribly unreal it all was.
    Suggested by   @katiepoole
  12. My high school choir (soprano) backed up Foreigner one time
    Suggested by   @torihyder
  13. I was once in the background of a Kid Rock video
  14. I accidentally became a character from clue. Yes, I am Professor Plum, no I didn't commit any heinous crimes in the conservatory
    Suggested by   @theplumbline
  15. My choir sang at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and I used to date a main supporting actor from a successful Showtime show.
    Suggested by   @saytrumbo
  16. I can't say who because that would be very douchey of me, but a close family friend was a close personal friend/assistant/only mom his kids knew of a very famous pop star for about 15 years up until his death a few years back.
    Suggested by   @alimi