Doomed to repeat these, like an insane person
  1. Feeling unfit? Join a gym!
    Never go to the gym. Pay for a year or two then cancel membership. Repeat with a different gym or exercise method ("this time it will be different!")
  2. Oh no, I'm not biting my nails -I'm just shortening this one a tiny bit because it's too long.
    Next stage: 10 bloodied stumps for fingers
  3. I can't possibly do this now - I'll do it tomorrow instead.
    Continue postponing ad infinitum
  4. Ooh! A book I want to read! I must buy it immediately
    120 unread books on my kindle. At least twice that on my shelves.
  5. Yes, I would loooove to help you make 500 wedding favors. It sounds fun, quick, and easy.
    Suggested by   @biz