In a town of freelancers and slackers and slacking freelancers there are many many options:
  1. Small Batch Coffee on Norfolk Sq
    Not much atmosphere but it's near my house so I'm in here a lot. No wifi therefore fewer lurking laptop types than normal.
  2. Mr Wolfe
    Also near my house but tiny so it's like you're sitting in someone's living room but with strangers, overhearing every conversation.
  3. Bond street coffee
    Take their coffee very seriously. Lots of beardy laptoppers. Brownies are sublime. SUBLIME.
  4. Marwood
    Lots of uncomfortable furniture (an overall trend in Brighton coffee shops, actually) and somewhat scathing about decaff
  5. Small Batch Coffee Wilbury Road
    Lovely outdoor terrace that only briefly gets the sun. I once accidentally sat next to someone I was avoiding - we had to make awkward chit-chat for a bit - so I'm always a bit furtive when I come here
  6. Meeting Place Cafe
    Definitely the sunniest option. Don't come for the food, drinks or service. Feels a bit like bingo because they randomly call out non-consecutive order numbers.