Please enjoy my creepy doll photo collection. I don't own any of these dolls, but enjoying sending pictures of them to my friends who hate creepy dolls. Add your own creepy doll so we can share in the merriment!
  1. Little Miss No Name
    That's actually her name! She is a limited edition doll from 1965. She represents homeless children in America, but the doll was not popular enough to continue being made. You can learn more about this unique doll at
  2. Devil in a Blue Dress
    I made a Yakit video of her for my students, making her mouth move and speak in Spanish. Only a few of them were severely traumatized. Thanks to @natecorddry for posting this pic on Twitter a loooooong time ago. I have made good use of it!
  3. Baby Jesus
    What's not to love about this nativity doll? Thanks to Jenna Busch for posting on Instagram in Dec.
  4. Indian Beauty
    If only she didn't have that glassy stare.
  5. Panda Baby
    She looks real. So real, it's creepy.
  6. Bunny Onesie Baby
    He just looks too happy, he must be up to something.
  7. CPR Dolls
    We used these at work for CPR training. I sent a picture to my roommate and she told me not to come home.
  8. Howdy Partnah!
    This little cowboy resides in a friend's home. She likes dolls and actually owns a few. I like her!
  9. Lompoc, CA Mission Doll
    Here's what the Spanish missionaries thought way back when: "What a great way to convert the natives! Let's make these doll statues and place them all over the mission. Surely they will see the kindness of our ways." Um, yeah.
  10. Cutie Creepies
    These little African dolls are cute and only slightly creepy.
  11. Santa Creep
    What are you holding in your hand, Santa?
  12. Vampire Baby
    Saw these at Comic Con. Made sure to make my friend who hates dolls and the Twilight movies walk by the booth.
  13. Doll Head Nightlight
    You can make one of these at home for the kids!
  14. Who You Callin' a Dummy, Dummy?
    Credit for gem this goes to Bonnie Burton, fantastic writer for @CNET
  15. Precious Moments Raggedy Andy
    This is not so precious as it is creepy. I don't trust him.