I wasn't born here, but I sure do know when winter is coming to Southern California! #Winteriscoming #SoCalLife #HolidaysInLA #toosoon
  1. Hot Peppermint Mochas
    Available at every coffee shop, even when it's 80 degrees outside.
  2. The neighborhood ice cream truck is playing Jingle Bells
    ...and Deck The Halls in October, just before Halloween.
  3. Flannel, sweaters, hats, scarves
    Angelenos are wearing sweaters, flannel shirts, hats, scarves, and boots when it is 80 degrees and sunny outside.
  4. People talk about El Niño...A LOT!
    It's getting stronger and so are the plentiful news reports about past El Niño weather events.
  5. Snow in Big Bear, dry as a bone in Venice.
    Your friend who lives in Big Bear tells you it's snowing there when you only experience a slight sprinkle of rain that immediately dries up.
  6. CVS already has the menorah display the week before Halloween!
    CVS has its Hanukkah merchandise neatly placed in a small section of the store, next to the overflowing three aisles of Christmas kitsch BEFORE HALLOWEEN HAS ENDED!!
  7. Advent calendars before Thanksgiving
    And Starbucks even has an Advent calendar ornament tree!
  8. Frosty store window scenes in November
    The mannequins in store windows are clearly enjoying a frosty winter holiday in a place that can't possibly be SoCal.