I went with 41 fourth graders on a camping trip in Northern California and survived. Here are some partial truths I revealed to them to help us all get through the trip.
  1. That is a non-venomous spider.
    It's not at all interested in you, kids (true). I wasn't actually sure of the species, but I reassured them it was harmless (lie?). I mean, it was so high up on the ceiling, who wants to go all the way up there and investigate?
  2. There are no bears in these woods.
    Total lie, but it would be pretty hard for them to cross a river and or climb the campground fence, right?
  3. That ginormous moth in our tent is a species that will eat all the other little bugs that might be around.
    Partially true, but do I have any idea what species of moth it is? Heck no.
  4. I love the sound of the flowing river at night.
    Except when it sounded like a dam had broken loose and the water started rushing more in the middle of the night. At that point, I was afraid of the river and I was trying to calculate the buoyancy of my sleeping bag and how many children I could float with. Later, I found out that it rises at night and the water sounds more rushing. Couldn't someone have notified us of this beforehand?!
  5. I am not cold at all!
    Except when I took a shower and decided I only needed flip flops to walk back to the tent. Brrrrr! Oh and when it began pouring rain!
  6. It's not going to rain very hard.
    Totally wrong on that one! It was pouring when we were outdoors exploring Old Town Sacramento. Thank goodness these kids are from LA, so when you say it is going to rain a little, most of them gear up.
  7. This is the best trip ever!
    Yeah, unless you count my awesome trips to Costa Rica, Spain, France, Ireland, England, Mexico, and Canada.