Based solely on my friends' and total strangers opinions.
  1. Me!
  2. Maggie Gyllenhall
    I call her my sister from another mister because a lot of people have said I look like her. Then they tell me to cut my hair into a cute bob so I will look more like Maggie. Maggie, please grow your hair out again so we can look more like twinsies. Merci!
  3. Brittany Snow
    When she dyed her hair darker, of course. Now if only Tyler Hoechlin were my boyfriend! I mean, I kinda look like her, I'm a wonderful person, and he's allegedly single now...just putting that out there.
  4. Jenna Fischer
    Especially when I have this look on my face, usually after someone has just said something stupid. People say my voice and manners sometimes remind them of @JennaFischer.
  5. Zoe Kazan
    My gbf thinks I look like @zoe . That's saying something because when we went to a screening with a Q & A for the movie "What If" that means gbf actually paid close attention to Zoe's fantastic work and wasn't just drooling over Daniel Radcliffe the whole time!
  6. Natalie Dormer
    In Game of Thrones. Especially in this scene.