Here's what I thought of Richard Linklater's new movie set in the early 80's that follows a group of college baseball players.
  1. Not quite a sequel to Dazed and Confused.
    Linklater describes this movie as a "spiritual" sequel to Dazed and Confused. It is NOT the same, but it does have a hearty dose of comedy like D&C and you'll see some scenes that parallel in spirit.
  2. I love those early 80's outfits!
    The movie really has an amazing hair and wardrobe crew. The outfits and hair stylings truly exemplify the beauty as well as the ugliness of the era! The early 80's had a lot of spillover from the 70's and they got it just right.
  3. My favorite scene: Tyler Hoechlin, as McReynolds, batting with an AXE!
    And he's so good that he ***SPOILER ALERT*** chops the ball in half!
  4. This guy is hilarious!
    Justin Street (left) does a fantastic job as Jay. Great comedic performance as the psycho in the group. Wait 'til you see him pitch!
  5. Mr. Benoist, aka Blake Jenner, is so dreamy.
    Blake Jenner's character Jake isn't all that interesting through no fault of his own, but that's okay. I can simply enjoy watching him talk on the phone shirtless.
  6. This movie does not pass the Bechdel test.
    Definitely a guy's film. The women are viewed primarily as objects to pursue. Though Zoey Deutch is adorable, she is the only female character that has lengthy dialogue and it is mostly with males.
  7. This movie is about BASEBALL, but there isn't enough baseball action! ⚾️
    Only ONE scene where they are practicing on an actual baseball field. It is a great scene and does a fine job of showing the evolving team dynamics, but it left me wanting more. How 'bout AN ACTUAL GAME OF BASEBALL IN UNIFORM?? Hmmm, maybe Richard's leaving room for a sequel???