I went a little overboard, you could say. I brought these items to Costa Rica with me and never needed them!
  1. Mosquito net for head
    Um, yeah, all you need to do is bathe in DEET and you're set.
  2. Cooling bead scarf
    It was on sale! How could I resist? All you do is dunk it in water and wrap around your neck! Magic! Nope. The real magic is feeling the glorious sweat drip down your neck, free from bondage.
  3. Rain ponchos (qty. 3)
    Do not rely on North American weather reports! They say it will rain and storm all day long in Central America. I packed three rain ponchos. Never needed a single one!
  4. My umbrella
    Considering I had three rain ponchos, why the heck would I need this?!
  5. The zippy pants part of my convertible pants
    Didn't need to wear the pants while in the jungle because it was damn HOT, plus I bathed myself in DEET.
  6. Super lightweight hat with small brim
    I hate wearing hats when it's hot. I convinced myself I would wear this one because everyone wears a hat when going to the jungle, right? I did not wear it, however, because I bathed myself in sunscreen, and DEET.
  7. Stress
    That's right. I brought it with me and realized I never needed it because Costa Rica was awesome! Leave the stress at home and enjoy life! ¡Pura Vida!