1. He's so cute!
    Just look at that little ball of purr, showing us his soft furry little belly!
  2. I started posting more pictures of my cat than of anything else.
    That's my Instagram. Note there is one picture of something other than my cat.
  3. I started talking a lot about my new kitten.
    Every conversation became some sort of analogy for taking care of a kitten. Finally someone said in a non-threatening manner, "You need to make an Instagram for him! He is so cute!" That shut me up and got me thinking.
  4. He does strange things sometimes and I must document all of them.
    Seriously, my kitten acts like a puppy sometimes. (See prior list on Why My Kitten Is Actually A Puppy)
  5. Instagram needs more tabbies!
    As of this moment, there are 29,259 posts on Instagram with #tabbies. That's not enough, people! Siamese cats have over a million posts. It's time for tabbies to take over! #TabbyPower #TabbiesRule
  6. I saw that @natecorddry made an Instagram for his adorable tabby cat Wallace.
    I am such a copy cat! Be a copy cat! Follow his cat ACatNamedWallace on Instagram and then go make your own Instagram for your cat!
  7. I need you to love my cat, too!
    Please follow my Loki kitty on Instagram at AKittyNamedLoki