Thank you @lilydiamond for requesting this list.. You're a gem and a genius!❤️
  1. Breathing! Breathing into amazing as well as challenging moments..
  2. Listening! Practicing compassionate listening, and being in the beauty and sometimes discomfort of creating space for someone to release and relinquish suffering. Sometimes that person is me! I always learn something.
  3. Giving compliments! I love love love sharing the amazingness I see in you. You are genius of a special kind. Did you know you were a genius? I celebrate you!
  4. Improvising poetry gives me a special type of joy. When I sit to write, my heart begins to deploy, a whole host of feelings and more, for me to express and not store, away for no one to see or to not share, when I let it out I feel connected and I care, to keep looking and listening to my heart, for that is a place for the healing and joy to start
  5. Meditation! Sitting with myself and saying hello. I often squirm and try to change how I feel. When I sit and simply say hello to myself and bring all my attention back from all the places I left it I feel whole again.
  6. Yoga! Exercise! Movement! I need to move.. And when I do, great things happen. If I don't move my body I am in pain and I get stuck.
  7. Water! I drink water everyday. Never soda, and no caffeine.
  8. Love! I love people. Everyday I practice putting love into the world and loving myself.
  9. Gratitude! Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for the good the bad and the beautiful!
  10. !!!!!! Exclamation points! Clearly!!!! I am happy they help me communicate my enthusiasm. When I let that out I feel joyful. When I hold back I feel cramped. Thanks for being my partner in crime exclamation point. You rock so hard! You give my text a boost! What would I do without you?!?!?!