Ollie Pop woke up a lot last night. It was ridiculous.
  1. Will I ever get to sleep through the night again?
  2. If he falls asleep by 4:30, I can sleep for an hour & half before the alarm goes off...
  3. I should have peed before coming in here.
  4. Don't get on Facebook. Trump posts will just piss you off.
  5. If I get him back down by 5:00, I can sleep for an hour before my alarm goes off...
  6. Is he asleep on my boob?! Seriously?
  7. Nope.
    (His eyes are now wide open.)
  8. Maybe I should just hop on the treadmill after this. Get a workout in...
  9. I'm so f'n tired.
  10. My day is going to suck.
  11. Man, he's soooo cute.
    (Looking down at the little at 5:10am)