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We have 14 hours total of driving time together this weekend and I remembered just before she picked me up that she only has a CD player in her car! I found a CD wallet of my heavy rotation picks from high school and college and literally grabbed a handful I thought she might tolerate. Honk if you came of age in the 90s! 😂
  1. Aimee Mann - I'm With Stupid
    Prediction: Mom will like her voice but the guitar will be too rockin. Ah shit, I forgot the second word on this record is "fucked."
  2. Best of The Lemonheads - The Atlantic Years
    I think if this as so sweet and mellow but I just remembered listening to this ages ago with my friend (whose wedding we're on our way to!) and my mom haaaated it... Oops.
  3. Elliott Smith - XO
    Well ya can't say this one ain't mellow. 😢 Moms like sad bastard music, right?
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Nah, it was just the worst of times.
  1. In 2007, after living in Nashville for three years and feeling that my first post-college job had worn out its welcome, I thought I wanted a bigger city with a more happening art scene.
    I thought Chicago would be big-but-not-too-big and def more affordable than NYC or L.A.
  2. Disaster Part One: Ignoring the first red flags of The Worst Relationship, I made this move with a partner.
    The rest of the shitshow might have just been a funny story if it weren't for that.
  3. Disaster Part Two: Having no experience with the city, we used an apartment finding agency to get a place.
    They ignored everything we requested, lied to our faces, yanked us around for weeks, and did some illegal stuff. Finally they found us a basement apartment on a scarily violent street, for which we were expected to pay 3 month's rent for deposit. Someone was shot on our block in the first week. Nobody would deliver food to us.
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Because the only thing better than Texts From My Dad is Packages From My Dad
  1. As I recounted in my first list Texts from my dad, my dad texted me a while back asking if I needed an Exacto knife set.
    I didn't at the time, but shortly thereafter, the handle of mine snapped off in my hand, so I let him know I was looking...
  2. A week later he sent me this ridiculously deluxe kit!
    Wow, okay I'm set for my all my crafty needs!
  3. But the thing about my dad is that this notion in his head that I needed knives did not go away after he sent me some.
    In high school when I started putting embroidered patches on my backpack, he sent me every patch he came across and he still sends me some from time to time...
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Some rad folks born November 29. Inspired by @ScottySin.
  1. These people are pretty great!
    Anna Faris, Andrew McCarthy, Brian Baumgartner, Jerry Lawler, C.S. Lewis, Don Cheadle, Busby Berkeley, Jonathan Knight, Louisa May Alcott
  2. But really...
  3. Fantasy Girl Gang right here:
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  1. I cut my own hair all through college, and like probably 90% of art school girls in the early 2000s, aspired to be Amélie.
    Oh! She's adorable! I could totally rock that haircut.
  2. Turned out to be a little more complicated than I expected, however.
    Bonjour, it's me! Your willowy Parisian ingénue!
  3. But I kept at it, because hair grows! And I swear those bangs are just straight across, how complicated could it be?
    Also not unreasonable to expect a haircut could make you grow six inches and lose 50 lbs, right?
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  1. The time I worked in a kitchen with some chefs who loved food and insisted the meat industry had changed so much...
    But not really.
  2. The time I had an erotic dream about @Bourdain feeding me a giant sandwich in bed.
    What the... Nah, I'm good.
  1. Hi listers! I'm Betty Turbo on the interwebs and in the art world, but my name is actually Agnes. This is me!
  2. I'm an artist, I have had some other wonderful and terrible jobs along the way (All The Jobs I Have Had), but art has been my full-time gig for the past 5+ years.
  3. I grew up in Alaska (I Grew Up In Alaska) and I also lived in California, Portugal, New York, and Tennessee before ending up in Oregon, where I live now.
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Do y'all young whippersnappers know what life was like in olden times when that shit was connected to the wall??
  1. Prologue: In 1998/99 I lived in Portugal, and when I came back to the states my family had cell phones and it was like they had been replaced by aliens from the future. I think a grand total of one of my high school classmates had one.
    I saw no need to join the club & kept one of those translucent 90s phones and an answering machine in my dorm room.
  2. 2003 - My first cell phone. I was a senior in college and only got a phone because Andrew W.K. was doing a promotion for his 2nd album, where if you pre-ordered it, he would personally call you to say thanks.
    So obviously I carried it to class turned on all the time. The call came when I was in NYC celebrating my birthday (with my childhood best friend who I had just found on Friendster) and it was the greatest.
  3. Here is a photo (shot on film) of that conversation taking place.
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After I draw em all I'm going to print em on a sweater coz that's how I roll
  1. This one
    RHLS/Moves Brooklyn
  2. This one
  3. This one
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